Good life. 🍕

Hey WordPress!                                                It’s been really long.

i met this guy 11 months back, he changed my life. Today it’s been 6 months and 25 days since we’re together, actually 9 months 25 days.

He made me realise that love doesn’t always hurt, he’s my best friend and my soulmate. He’s one of the best people I know! We’ve made such amazing memories, memories I’ve not made with anyone else and don’t plan to.

I can be myself in front of him because I know he won’t judge me. He’s the best thing that has happened to me! As you know I haven’t written a blog post recently, maybe cause I’m so happy with my life, touchwood. He guides me, he loves me, he makes fun of me, he protects me, he advises me, he’s always there for me and that’s all I need. He’s the best boyfriend everrr!

I really wish I can spend the rest of my life with a person like him, I’d be lucky.

So, I’m in 10th now. Board year, sucks andd my summers were great! Travelled, beautiful new experiences. And I’m doing good 🙂 I’ve got the best friends ever, I’ve got the best soulmate ever, I’d got the best parents and the best brother.

I’m blessed. 🙂                                                Thank you God.


My little fur ball of joy.

25th April 2016.
My mom gave one of my dogs away, Max. He’s a 9 month old puppy, so he obviously will be naughty. All I could do was try and convince her. All I could do was cry and hate her for what she did. She said some hurtful things but I also did avoid her.

Today, I come back from school get a lecture which turns into a very very bad scolding. She says that she’s got the responsibility and no-one can force anyone to suffer or something like that. She took out all her anger on me which she had on my brother too. She told me that she also likes dogs and I need to start thinking about others too. He does have a good home. But..

I am really attached to Max.
I don’t know if I’m wrong or right. If I should listen to her or not. Is trying to get your baby back wrong?
Sometimes, I feel that she’ll understand when I’m taken away from her.
I miss him immensely.

All I can think about is
Is he scared? Does he feel alone in a new place? Is he being taken care of? Does he miss me? does he feel abandoned?
It kills me.
Maybe he has adjusted as he’s a cheerful puppy who’ll always be wagging his tail in excitement even after he got a scolding.

I miss him scratching me after I came from school, licking my face early in the morning, eating my hair, trying to get my food, resting on me peacefully, biting my hand, sitting on my bean bag and those late night jogs where I would hear people say ‘oh such cute dogs!’ And ‘good for the dogs, good for you’.

I’m sorry I didnt take care of you much, I’m sorry I didn’t spend all day playing with you, I’m sorry for not spending alot of time with you and I’m sorry for not giving you so many treats and spoiling you. I realise I should’ve when I could.
And I’m sorry you’ve had to change your home so many times.





Most of these are his baby pictures.
I miss you love x
Ill get you back someday, I promise.
But I don’t want them to feel the way I did.
Ill be meeting you soon 🙂
I love you so much.
Surprisingly, I think Scotch misses his little brother too.

Someone new.

I’ve met someone, gotten to know him.
And I think I’ve fallen for him.
The ‘guy’, I’ve moved on. Only the memories are left. But I have moved on for the best. I’ve gotten to know more things he hid from me. And he tells me he’s told me everything ‘I deserve to know’. And after hearing about the new person he’s also moved on and I’m glad 🙂 The actions of the other person which hurts really help you move on.

The new person in my life, he’s the best guy I know like I can’t think of any flaws.
He’s a gentleman, sweet, caring, good looking, funny, understanding, sensitive and what not. And I can say it’s not infatuation as I got to know him then I liked him.

There’s this pit of anxiety within me, that tells me that relationships ruin things. And I can’t lose him. I’m just not ready for it.

There’s this other guy, who likes me I think. I’ve heard this since like 2-3 years. But wasn’t sure before. And he was always there for me. He protected me without telling me, always had my back. I talked to him Alot. he became really close to me which made me care for him a lot and also have that soft spot, I don’t want to hurt him but I don’t know how to make it easier for him. And I’ve told that someone about all this, and he’s so understanding too.

Back to the him, sometimes I feel he deserves better, cause he’s an amazing human being. Why does he even like me? It’s weird.
He loves acting, and he’s got passion for it. His crazy love for SRK! I love that spark in his eyes when he talks about something he loves. He makes me happy. He makes me laugh. He cares for me. He makes me feel better. He loves me. And I love him too.
Then why can’t I? Why am I scared? I don’t know what’s right.
Now we’re like best friends who know they like each other. 🙂

Humans have a weird nature, they think a lot. And I over think way too much.

So let’s see what happens in the future.
If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Recent updates!

These days have been going pretty well.

Festive season, exams over, finally 14, amazing weather, gotten to know some amazing people. I’m a happy person. 🙂

My birthday was so special for me just cause of these amazing people I have in my life. I think it was the best birthday till now. We made some crazy memories that day! From me being a loner at my own party till the dancing till our feet hurt and half of the cake on my face.

All these festivals, trying out different types of clothes, crazy dancing and beautiful memories.

Exams, well there was a huge drop in my Marks as I just entered IGCSE. But the teachers and parents I’ve got are very supportive!

I also went to Kolkata as NH7 was happening in my dad’s water park. Sunburn is happening in December, I’m proud of my dad 🙂 I also met my dog who doesn’t stay with me after so long! If you wanna know me, you have to know that I’m a biggggg animal lover.❤

I’ve gotten to the importance of my friends and family. They’re the people that keep me going. The importance of the little things that matter the most❤And also I’m almost over ‘him’. It’s just that the unregrettable memories will always stay, Ill cherish the good times I had with him forever. :’)

So these are the updates!
These are some memories captured in stills. There are so many picture, but for now these many are enough.





Thank you for reading x

Embrace your soul.✨

Once, when I looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t seem to recognize myself somehow. It was a very weird feeling.

Don’t we all have that person we talk to in our minds. Sometimes referring to as ‘God’. But in reality it’s us talking to ourselves. Us telling ourselves we’re not alone.
That moment I could feel my soul not my body. I just felt like I wasn’t familiar with my body. That made me realise that I knew the person inside. The outside was given by God.

This was a very strange experience. We all picture ourselves in our head how we look to other people when we do a particular thing. Some of us don’t know how beautiful we are and some of us don’t know that we’re not perfect.

All these things they say, that we’ve made our souls dirty by doing this mistake and all. It’s utter bullshit. Everybody has the ability to change to learn from their mistakes, and grow.
After all we’re humans. Look ahead and leave the past where it should be, behind. God forgives ✨

All I can say is that the soul is what matters the most. The body wears off, dies. But the soul is something that remains forever.

Can anybody relate?


She was the one.

Her eyes as blue and deep as the ocean she loved,
Her hair that she didn’t like, hazel Brown, curly and fell perfectly to her shoulders.
That cute little nose that would fit into her face perfectly
And that smile that made the world feel alive.
Her touch more soft and flawless than the other.

She wasn’t only beautiful ouside,
Her soul was flawless.
The beauty and love inside could move mountains.
She was independent, strong but at the same time the sweetest girl alive.
She aimed for the stars. Her dreams, her ambitions. All her dreams and goals perfectly set in her mind.
She had a reason to be here, in this world.
She would always strive to become a better human being. Leave her mark
Every girl envied her.

I let her go
I didn’t know what I was leaving
I didn’t know what I was getting into
She was the best thing that had happened to me.
But now, I’m alone.
My epitome of happiness, my everything. She’s gone now.
I’ll never get her back

She made me embrace my goodness
She made me forget my fears
She made me a better human being.
She was the one.

Becoming whole.

Sometimes I feel we’re just little pieces of the people we met throughout our lives that make us whole.

We pick up things we find attractive and love and try to add it to ourselves. They may be negative things but they’re the things that make us, us later. Maybe that’s why people take little pieces of us.

That’s why we reflect our parents quite a lot mostly. Maybe this is also the reason we hear stuff like ‘they’re not good influence’.

So, it is true. Life isn’t about finding yourself, its about creating yourself.
I read this quote from my friend, Alisha’s blog. If you find positive people with positive energy, don’t let them go easy. Its rare.
I believe that we can never really be whole. You change grow, learn , become better, add pieces as there’s so much you learn till the last day of your life.

In the end, are we just a mixed version of the people we’ve met and the things we’ve learnt or do we all develop, ourselves?